6 of the 14 Woodlane turbines as they might appear from  Birkin Road, less than 1km  from West Haddlesey.  Gateforth wood seen behind.

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We have updated the map

The map was started 5 years ago - and the threat identified then has largely materialised. There is now a new threat of single turbines which can be up to 300 feet high. But wind farms and turbines are now being refused locally and these decisions are being upheld at appeal. Two wind farms at Spaldington were refused at appeal, as was a single turbine at Wistow Lordship. It takes a lot of effort but these results show that wind farm applications can be defeated by determined effort by village communities. The process is helped when appeals are called in by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles.

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Welcome to Stopwoodlane

Information about Woodlane and other wind farms in the Selby area.

The Woodlane proposal

14 turbines, 125m (410ft) high, close to homes in Gateforth, Birkin, Hillam and West Haddlesey. Full details of the Woodlane Proposal

What problems could turbines cause for you?

Noise, Visual impact, Health, Shadow flicker, environmental impact, change the locality from rural to industrial. Woodlane Objections.

Why propose 125m turbines so close to homes?

Why is there no planning rules for a minimum distance? How much energy do wind farms produce? Why is there no compensation for residents? How can wind farms make so much money? What happens when there is no wind? Read the Key Issues.

How much will your property value go down?

The wind industry claim that turbines do not affect property values. Read the reports about  Impact on property values.  

How much disruption is caused during construction

Rusholme had 20,000 hgv’s passing close to homes creating dust and noise. Read about the Construction

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Wind energy is ineffective energy - over 5000 turbines could not match the output from Drax. Pointless destruction of our countryside. More than 20 wind farms. Over 200 turbines.

                    Details of  the Woodlane Proposal                    Information about Bishopwood

Information about  other wind farms

"Prowind withdraws the appeal"

Four word e-mail ends 7 year battle over Bishopwood wind farm.  

Riccall turbine refused at appeal  

Great Heck turbine appeal

More wind farms & turbines refused

- Read the decisions

Wind energy is expensive energy

The wind might be free but the electricity generated is anything but free. A system of financial incentives for the wind farm owners ensures generous profits for them, paid by us through increased prices for electricity.

The Key Issues pages explains the subsidy system and how the extra cost is hidden in your electricity bill.

Wind energy cannot be relied upon

No wind no power - too much wind and turbines are paid to switch off.  Use our meters above to see where our power is being generated and how wind power varies.

Wind farms built and operational.  

Wind farm approved, not yet built

Plans submitted, but not yet decided.

Wind farms in the design stage - prior to a planning application.

Rejected by local planners. The developer can appeal and usually do so. These wind farms may still be approved.

Rejected at appeal.                       

Or application withdrawn.

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