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Seven turbines  over 410 ft to blade tip. Higher than cooling towers.

Nearest turbine only 575m from homes.

Predicted 40dB of noise at nearest homes. Know to cause complaints at other sites.

Close to Hambleton, Wistow and Thorpe Willoughby.

Visible from Cawood, Selby, Monk Fryston, Wistow Sherburn and out to 24km.

Would dominate the open space between Selby and Sherburn.

Application timeline

2008 - Information about the proposal revealed.

2009 - Planning application made - but found to be incomplete

2013 - January - Application refused by Selby District Council

2013 - August - Prowind lodge appeal at last possible time.

2013 - December - Action group register for Rule 6 status -

2014 - 14 January - Statements submitted to Planning Inspector

2014 - 11 February - Appeal hearings - postponded after Prowind request delay.

2015 - 24 November - Appeal hearings to commence.

Latest appeal update

Bishopwood windfarm - Scalm Park, Wistow Common Selby

Issues and concerns expressed by the residents of Sherburn, Wistow, Hambeton, Thorpe Willoughby, Monk Fryston, Hillam, Cawood and Selby.

The character of the site

The site is on a diversified farm with a golf course and caravan park. It is open land in close proximity to Bishopwood which is the habitat for a wide range of local wildlife including nesting raptors. The site is alongside the East Coast mainline and close to Sherburn airfield.

Reasons why the application was refused by Selby District Council

Permitted noise limits would be exceeded at Scalm Park

The landscape and visual impact had not been fully assessed.

Turbines T7 and T6 would have an unacceptable impact on nearby properties

The adverse impact on properties would outweigh the benefits of the proposal.

Map showing location of turbines

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