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To keep you informed about the progress of wind farm applications. To advise you what you can do about them and when you need to do it.
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We send bulletins out only when there is significant news. It may be several months between bulletins when there is nothing to report, or they may be sent out at weekly intervals if there is a lot happening.
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We tailor our bulletins to individual villages. Please provide your full address so that we can send you that information which is most relevant.
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Our e-mail list is used only in connection with wind farm matters or exceptional local issues. It will not be divulged to any third party and it will not be used to promote any products or commercial services.

Our bulletins have 'Windfarm News’ at the start of the Subject line and are addressed to ‘Windfarm Information’.

Your e-mail address will not be visible to anybody else.

To receive the latest information about the wind farms please complete this form or if this facility is not supported by your e-mail system send an e-mail to We send out briefings by e-mail as soon as there is any news.