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Byram Wind Farm - Update 20 June 2011

Test mast approved - Developer given up to 6 years for tests

The approval gives e-on up to three years before they need to erect the mast which can then be in place for up to another three years, making a total of up to 6 years.

That is in addition to the 2 years that have already passed since the plans were revealed at the public exhibitions.  So that makes 8 years during which homes in the area will be difficult to sell.

This is a long game. Some developers use the deliberate strategy of getting all the bad news out early and then letting people get used to it. Some might say “softening the residents up”.

So far this is only a test mast to measure wind speed but it shows that e-on are still intent on developing the site. The site of the proposed test mast is South of Burton Common Farm. The proposed mast is 80metres high - indicating that 125metres turbines are still to be proposed.

The planning ref for the test mast is 2011/0222/FUL See no=LHFNTFNX2U000

Location relative to turbine layout presented two years ago - see below.

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