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Construction - How is it done? - What impact does it have?

Wind Farm Construction

1. Introduction/ Overview

2. The  Rusholme experience.

20,000 lorries passing by the front door. Video expose.

3. HGV route and predicted traffic volumes for the Woodlane proposal. Do you live on a lorry route?

4. The scale of the construction project - a new road network across the Woodlane site.

5. Plus the excavation required for the Crane hard standings and the concrete bases for the turbines.

6. Delivering and erecting the the turbines with a giant mobile crane.


Wind farm construction has more similarity with the building of a new motorway than a new building. It certainly has no similarity whatsoever with anything to do with farming.

Traffic volumes are high, and a large number of exceptional loads are required to deliver the turbine. The new roads require thousands of lorry journeys to bring crushed rock to the site and to remove spoil. Huge quantities of concrete are used involving fleets of lorries making continuous deliveries.

The problems for residents can be :-