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House prices around Crystal Rig wind farm were studied and found not to be affected by the turbines.

Our interactive map shows that the homes are much further away than they around Woodlane where there are also many more of them.

Our first map shows the location of Crystal Rig.

See where homes are located near to Crystal Rig

Overlay Woodlane to the same scale

Overlay homes around Woodlane.

See the Crystal Rig site

Comment on the study.

If house prices around Crystal Rig were not affected 7 miles away it tells you nothing about house prices aoround Woodlane where homes might have 10 turbines closer than one mile.

House prices and Planning

While the value of their property is of major concern to homeowners it is not actually a planning consideration. In other words planners will not take it into account when deciding whether to approve plans for a wind farm.

Compare Crystal Rig and Woodlane Wind Farm sites.

Notes    The maps are to the same scale.

#1 The site for the Crystal Rig wind farm is remote, uninhabited moorland fells. The site is 12 km or 7.5 miles from Dunbar. According to the owners of the site "The turbines are hidden among the hillsides."

#2 There are less than 10 thousand people living in Dunbar, the villages shown around Dunbar are at most a few houses, many are just one or two houses..

#3 The area shown around Woodlane has a high urban population. The total in the area shown is about 100 thousand people, versus virtually none in the corresponding area around Crystal Rig.

#4 Many homes in the Woodlane proposal will have more than one turbine within one mile of them. Some homes have turbines within half a mile. At Crystal Rig no home is within a mile of a turbine.

#5 For more information about the Crystal Rig wind farm visit the owners web site at The photograph of the Crystal Rig Wind farm is from their site and shows the open moorland aspect. The turbines are 100 metres high - 60 metre masts with 40metre long rotor blades.