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Cumulative impact

When you have several wind farms with industrial turbines within 5km the impression will be that they all merge into one large wind farm. The wind turbines will be in addition to power stations.

We provide 3 illustrations. Click below to view them.

1. How many windfarms within 5km of your home.

This map shows how many power stations and wind farms are within 5km. It includes Bishopwood, Woodlane, Byram, Darrington, Ferrybridge, Eggborough and Stubbs Bridge.

2. How many within 5km of roads and railways through the area.

With three or more wind farms within 5km the impression will be of one large wind farm across the whole area.

3. Wind farms close to each other give the impression of merging into each other.

Too many wind farm proposals - Too many turbines - Too close

“I recently travelled through Pennsylvania, USA. Wind turbines have been allowed to flourish there. They are not simply part of the landscape. They are the landscape.

Pure and simple, the wind turbines clearly, eerily dominate everything in that area”.    

Editorial, Catskill Mountain News, Oct. 25, 2006

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