Local employment -  Windfarm - nil  v Drax - 760  

Drax plan for a 290 MW biomass-fired renewable energy plant on the existing Drax site.

- 290MW produced whenever required.

The plant is predicted to result in a saving of 1,800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year, and to provide enough renewable electricity to power 512,000 homes

The renewable energy plant will bring significant economic benefits to the local community. For the area surrounding the development at Drax Power Station it will mean:

Woodlane Wind farm proposal - 35MW  - from 14 turbines across 3 km of farmland

- 35MW only if wind is 27 mph or more.

The proposal claims that the annual CO2 saving will be 40,000 to 50,000 tons per year and that the installation would produce enough power for 21,000 homes - actual power available would depend on wind speed.

There is no commitment on local jobs during construction. In the case of Rusholme the construction staff were all brought in from other parts of the country. Even the labourers washing vehicles were from elsewhere.

11 companies were involved in preparing the Woodlane application and of these only one was based in N Yorkshire. None were in the Selby District.

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