Horse Owners will have no where to ride.

British Horse Society Guidance

'That, as a starting point when assessing a site and its potential layout, a separation distance of four times the overall height should be the target for National Trails and Ride UK routes, as these are likely to be used by equestrians unfamiliar with turbines, and a distance of three times overall height from all other routes, including roads, with the 200m rcommended in the Technical Guidance to PPS 22 being seen as the minimum.

April 2010

The map shows the stables where horses used for riding are kept and the routes that they use for riding. There are few bridleways in the area but the quiet open roads are used without any problems. Hillam Common Lane is the main connecting route. Riders also informally use the farm access track alongside Maspin Moor Drain, as their only off road route.  

Also shown on the map are the proposed access routes for wind farm construction traffic and the recommended safe offset of 375m for horses and riders.

During construction the horse owners would have no-where to ride.

And after construction the only off road riding would be closer to turbines than the minimum distance recommended by the British Horse Society.


Riding route

Site Access route

Danger area

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