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West Yorkshire Green Belt

The West Yorkshire Green belt provides a margin to contain the Industrialised areas of West Yorkshire and to maintain the open countryside to the East.

Green Belt policy states:-

‘Once Green Belts have been defined, the use of land in them has a positive role to play in fulfilling the following objectives:

to provide opportunities for access to the open countryside for the urban population;

to provide opportunities for outdoor sport and outdoor recreation near urban areas;

to retain attractive landscapes, and enhance landscapes, near to where people live;

to secure nature conservation interest; and

to retain land in agricultural, forestry and related uses.

The Selby District Local Plans states

‘Once taken for development, the countryside cannot be easily replaced or restored.  Sporadic development in the countryside can not only lead to a cumulative change to the character of the countryside but is unsustainable in both economic and environmental terms.  The protection of the countryside from inappropriate development is therefore a fundamental objective of the Local Plan.

The  Green Belt should not be industrialised.

“Proposals for development in the Green Belt, or which are conspicuous from an area of Green Belt, will only be permitted where the scale, location, materials and design of any building or structure, or the laying out and use of land, would not detract from the open character and visual amenity of the Green Belt”  Policy GB4 of the Selby District Plan

Our map below shows that the proposed wind farm abuts the Green Belt and is conspicuous from it.

Of the viewpoints ( Red arrows) considered in the application all of them either look at the wind farm from the Green Belt ( 2,4,6,10,11 & 12) or look towards the Green belt(1,3,5,7,8,9 and 13).

Birkin and Beal which are in the Green belt would have their views to the North East dominated by turbines.

The pink area on the map is within 2km of a turbine. This is the distance to which turbines are “Likely to be a prominent features” - much of this area overlaps the Green Belt which is contrary to Green belt Policy as above.  

The village of Kellington has power stations to the East and West. The view of the green Belt to the North mitigates the power stations to some extent. The proposed wind farm would span the view they have of open countryside and Green belt.

Stop woodlane wind farm  - Objection documents

Download our objection to Selby District Council submitted November 2010

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