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Who we are
A group of local residents who enjoy living in a quiet rural area. We are proud to live in Selby District and appreciate the substantial contribution that the area makes to the UK economy. We see no economic or social benefit being brought to the area by the proposed wind farms and see a substantial negative impact.
Accordingly we are opposed to the construction of Woodlane wind farm.
How we work
A team of people, each with relevant experience and expertise. Our approach is friendly and co-operative. It is also very determined.
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About us

We need your help.

If you are not happy about having 400 foot high turbines built in the countryside near to your home then why not join us in fighting to have the plan stopped. The wind farm application can be defeated. Everybody has an important part to play. We can use all the help that people can give - be it financial, leaflet and poster delivery or simply spreading the word. Please get in touch.

Help spread the word.

The wind turbines would change the character of the area from rural to industrial, and yet there are still people living close to the site who are unaware of the impact they will have. Some people have seen smaller wind turbines elsewhere and think that these will be similar.

1. Check that your neighbours and friends understand how big the turbines would be and how they would change the character of the area.

2. Suggest that they go on our e-mail list - or give them a printed copy of each bulletin.

To help you we can provide an information pack.        

go on our e-mail list.

We can supply

If people are unaware they are unconcerned.

Make a donation.

Expenses so far have included printing leaflets, production of signs, web site costs and paying for the support of a consultant. These have all been paid for by a few members and by some generous donations made when the campaign started.

You can make a donation in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.

Cheques should be made payable to stopwoodlanewindfarm.

If you wish to donate by bank transfer please ask for details of the stopwoodlanewindfarm bank account.

Join the team.

We need help in your village - please let us know if you can help with any of the following -

Use your Knowledge and Expertise

We need help from people with scientific, engineering, financial and planning know-how. If you would like to help please get in touch.