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Woodlane  - What do 125 metre high wind turbines look like ?

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What does 125 metres look like ?

It is hard to visualise a 125metre high turbine. We are not used to seeing such tall structures.

125 metres is now the standard size. Most turbines which you may have seen are smaller.

Rusholme turbines are 100m, Loftsome Bridge 90m and Ovendon Moor (Halifax) even less at only 50m.

Even higher ones of 145m are now being proposed elsewhere.

Use our Picture gallery  - panel to get a better idea of what 125 metres looks like.

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125m turbine at Lissett

Turbine bases uses approx 1500 tons of concrete and steel per turbine.

Comparison with a cooling tower

125 metre turbines seen from 1.5km

Turbines expected to increase in size to 250m