Migration of birds - wind farms kill birds

The planning application predicts that bird mortality due to collision with turbines will be :-

It predicts that no Whooper Swans will be killed - even though they use the site as a feeding ground and fly in and out regularly. Migratory birds which over winter in the area often fly at turbine height in conditions of poor visibility at dusk or in mist. Actual kill rates could be much higher.

The developer predicts that no Pink Footed geese will be killed - but then they never saw any. We know  that large skein of these birds pass through twice a year at turbine blade height on their migration to and from the Arctic.

If 3.6 Buzzard are killed per year it wipe out the local population within 2 years.

“A baseline survey for a wind farm should consider any known bird migration routes or proximity of important bird sites designated for their concentration of breeding, migratory or wintering wildfowl, or birds of prey. In such instances, there may be a requirement for a full season of survey before an impact assessment can be compiled and a planning application submitted.”  

The survey was inadequate and glosses over mortality rates.

Feb 2009 - Large skein of pink foot geese migrating north through the proposed site.

March 2009 - Three of the Whooper swans which  spent winter on the proposed site.

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This is becoming recognised as a worldwide problem - see for example this report from the USA - the US Fish and Wildlife Service says that wind turbines should not be erected near wetlands, on mountain ridges or other known concentrations areas or where fog or low cloud are common during spring and fall migration.