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World news - Problems at Windfarms - not unique to the UK - they are a worldwide problem

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The wind industry would like us to believe that their aim is to save the planet for the good of future generations. They claim that wind is the cheapest and most readily available form of renewable energy. They claim that each turbine will provide enough power for however many homes.

What they don’t say is that they are an industry that only exists because of the subsidy.

They don’t explain that they don’t power any homes when there is no wind.

They don’t explain that it would more than 200,000 x 50kw farm turbines would be needed to produce the average power of Drax.

But worst of all they do not consider the impact that turbines have on neighbours because of loss of property values, noise problems, health problems or the industrialisation of the countryside around where people live.

There are problems being reported every day. In this  round -up there are links to a few of the recent press reports from around the world.

Wind farms are a world wide problem, caused by wind farm developers driving to maximise profits which are only there because of subsidies.

Enough is enough

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Other links

Canada - noise tests at wind farm after complaints

2014 Wind farm noise conference papers

Residents battle shadow flicker problems

Australia - Health -

Report confirms wind farm damages

health of neighbours

Denmark - Villages to be demolished to make way for turbines

Swedish company Vattenfall is going to extreme lengths for the sake of its Danish windfarms – buying up whole villages in rural Denmark, razing them to the ground and replacing the buildings with wind turbines, Børsen reports.  


Noise nuisance

…householders, some 1.2km from the site, had recorded noise levels above 75 dB, almost twice those permitted under planning regulations.

“intermittent” but had occurred on 10 of last 15 days in December.


672 foot turbine proposed

How long before they are over 1000 feet high


Subsidy scandal

Wind farms paid over £1Million per week to turn them off .

USA California

Safety - another turbine on fire

173 foot long blade flew off

Devon -  UK Noise nuisance

Fullabrook Down - noise nuisance from day 1 - going on for three years and not sorted - little hope that it ever will be.

Noise limits too high and even then developers exceed limits

Do wind farms kill birds ?