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Megawatt valley in the  

Yorkshire Post

12 April  - In the same week that stop woodlane launched its new website with information about 22 separate wind farms with over 200 turbines down the Aire valley a public meeting was held at Copmanthorpe to discuss a proposal for 5 x 145 metre turbines next to the A64 near to York.

500 people attended the meeting - which shows the strength of feeling that there is against wind farms.

The Yorkshire Post took the two stories and and coined the term Megawatt valley - read their article, see below. It looks as if megawatt valley is a term that is here to stay and haunt us until the problems with turbines are recognised and dealt with. Building more turbines which make huge profits only because of an over generous subsidy is something that this country cannot afford.

Building wind turbines in areas where it is not windy does not make sense.

Building wind turbines across large parts of our countryside is guaranteed to destroy the environment while the minimal CO2 savings will have virtually no beneficial impact. We cannot afford to wreck our planet in this way.

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