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Spaldington Wind farms -

Public Inquiry Starts 24 May

Please attend the start of the Public Inquiry if at all possible - we need to help each other in fighting wind farm proposals in mega-watt valley.

OBJECTIVE - Stop 12 x 125 m turbines from surrounding Spaldington village

Spaldington is about 14 km East of Selby. Like our area it is open countryside - and like our area it is a pleasant rural environment with small villages and isolated houses. Like our area it is faced with the prospect of wind farms. In this case two wind farms, one at each side of the village of Spaldington. See map.

Spaldington Airfield wind farm

5 x 125metre turbines

Coriolis Energy & Falcke Renewables plc

Both applications rejected by planning committee              2 September 2010.

The two proposed wind farms would be only 2km apart with Spaldington village half way between them.

Local opposition group website

The developers have both appealed the decision to reject the wind farm applications taken by the local council and a Public Inquiry is to start on Tuesday May 24th.

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Other wind farms

Spaldington Common wind farm

7 x 125 metre turbines

Volkwind Ltd

Further information about the reason for the appeal here

Too Big, Too Many and Too Close’