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Almscliffe crag - will two turbines on the hill next to this Wharfedale landmark get approved?

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The proposal -

#(assumes Fit rate of  £120.50 / Mwhr is subsidy and Export tariff of £48.50 is market value of the power)

What the developer said about Almscliffe crag

"Almscliffe Crag might be a popular tourist attraction but it is not protected; it's nothing, it holds as much weight as a rock in your back garden"  Full report from the Harrogate Advertiser

Objectors include Harewood House - This is part of what they said

Please take this email as a serious and strong objection from Harewood, (The Earl of Harewood and the Trustees of Harewood House Trust), to the above application on historic, landscape and heritage grounds.

Harewood has always seen Almscliffe Crag as an important feature in the landscape, so much so, that in the 18th Century, landscape architects such as Capability Brown and Thomas White, when laying out the Northern Pleasure Grounds, ensured that several vistas were created to enhance and capture those magnificent views looking northward to the crag.

How to Save the Dales from this outrageous development - visit

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Then follow the links - How to object.

Lindley Moor wind farm application withdrawn

The Almscliffe turbines are not the only ones proposed in this area. There have been others at Kirby Overblow, Spofforth and on Lindley Moor.

They all encounter fierce and well resourced local opposition.

The latest news is that an application for 6 trubines on Lindley Moor has been withdrawn.

Full report here.