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UK Energy Policy - So stupid it could be an April fool joke. Unfortunately it isn’t. Will the tallons of Fallon fix it ?

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3700 on shore turbines and 796 offshore with a combined capacity of 8.4GW were producing just 1GW at 1pm on 29 March.

Demand was 41 GW - 15GW from gas, 15GW from coal and 7GW from nuclear.  

Worldwide there are proposals to build 1200 new coal fired power stations - Power Mag

Even Germany is building more coal fired power stations. Even though they are already exceeding limits on three out of four combustion pollutants for two years running. Also in Power Mag.

Being diligent, as we are in the UK, we have just announced the closure of half of Ferrybridge and have already closed a number of other coal fired plants. Read more in the Selby Times Our diligence at meeting targets is admirable, but can we afford to be so generous. Are power cuts preferable to failing to meet EU targets - that are being missed by other members. Is it right to put more people into fuel poverty rather than simply change our policies which we cannot afford to implement.

It is going to go seriously wrong and to prepare for the public back lash a Parliamentary Select Committee are going to come up with a new way to try to con people that what we are doing is right. They have just started a consultation which starts by saying

Foresight cautions that “should scepticism continue to increase, democratic governments are likely to find it harder to convince voters to support costly environmental policies aimed at mitigation of, or adaptation to, climate change.”  Link to the consultation

The objective is clear, pave the way for more Green wash and exaggerated global warming predictions. Its usually warmer in London so they won’t know about the coldest winter for 30 years.

The Daily Mail has already shown that censorship might be on its way. At this rate it could soon be an offence to include lower than average temperatures in any any weather forecast. Daily Mail comment.

The Met Office and the BBC have back tracked on climate change alarmist predictions about mild winters and hot dry summers. See the Daily Telegraph The University of East Anglia has been shown to have been cooking the books to make the temperatures appear higher than they are ( read Hiding the Decline by Montford ). The public are not stupid, scepticism has become the middle ground of public opinion. Lord Lawson is closer to the truth than Ed Milliband of Climate Change Act fame.

Even in Germany some of the press have broken ranks and are starting to ask why it is that the global warming that they have been told about for the last 20 years has turned into a new ice age. Sprechen Deutsch

At last it has reached the stage where some of those who started the mass global warming scare are beginning to see that it might be wrong - sense at last , but it might be too late because big business is making money from the scare. But the brave are speaking out.  

Maybe some sense is coming in - maybe the penny has dropped ? - doubling the price of electricity is not such a good idea. Paying £1000M subsidy per year to wind farms which destroy our countryside is bad enough, but it can only get worse when people realise that they are paying to have the countryside around their homes industrialised and that they will pay more and more every year. Good for jobs and good for the economy they will say ( in Denmark, China and Germany ). These are the countries that receive the benefit of subsidies that we pay.

Spain and Portugal have both slashed wind farm subsidies because they cannot afford them - when will we do the same?

What will Michael Fallon, the new Energy Minister makes his priority when he starts his new job. Maybe there is a clue in what he had to say to Andrew Neill last October , but then again maybe there isn’t.

Whatever else he does he will need to sharpen up his act in order to explain why it is that every time a local decision is taken to refuse a wind farm it goes to appeal and an Inspector appointed by the Government can approve a wind farm because he likes turbines - elegant structures form matching function, or whatever other personal opinion he wishes to express.

So much for the threat of warming - the reality is that more people die of the cold.

Not to worry - as a sign of the times they have established Cold Aid in Africa where they are very concerned about people in Northern Europe who are threatened with premature death due to the cold. New relief aid for countries unable to cope with the cold.

The key thing to remember is that

Wind farms are bad for your health and bad for your wealth.

Global warming is simply a good story around which big business and Governments have created a web of ever more intricate taxation and money making schemes designed to exploit subsidy systems.


Michael Fallon to be new Energy Minister

Michael Fallon MP is to join DECC as Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, as John Hayes leaves the department to take up the role of Minister of State without portfolio.

Secretary of State Edward Davey said:

“John and I have worked well together as an effective team, and I’m especially grateful for his work on steering the Energy Bill through Parliament. I wish him well in his new post.

“I am delighted to welcome Michael Fallon to DECC. He brings with him a wealth of business experience and will make an excellent addition to the team.

“We will continue to implement the energy and climate change policies that this Coalition Government has committed to, ensuring we can keep the lights on, people’s energy bills down and cut emissions to tackle climate change.”

Minister Michael Fallon said:

“Both departments share a strong focus on business and the economy and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to build on their cross cutting work on this agenda.

“This week has seen the launch of important industrial strategies for the nuclear and oil and gas sectors to secure future billions of investment, thousands of jobs and a diverse energy mix. A strategy for offshore wind will be completed in the coming weeks.

“Energy policy has a key role to play in securing sustainable future growth in the economy, strengthening supply chains, keeping people’s bills down and tackling climate change”.