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Election results and the wind farm issue. How did wind farms affect voting?  


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“Enough is enough” said John Hayes, former Energy Minister. And he was right.

Mark Crane, Conservative Leader of Selby District Council agrees.

Listen to what he said.

Who wants to see the destruction of the countryside around their home? - Nobody.

It should be no surprise that wind farms are a major election issue in rural constituencies.

Questions for Ed Davey -

1. How many votes does he predict will go to UKIP for each additional wind turbine planned in our countryside.

2. Based on current plans for wind farms how long will it be before UKIP has more MP’s than his own party.   

We will have to wait and see if the local elections mark a turning point.

Hopefully the strength of anti wind farm sentiment will be recognised and acted upon.


Around Woodlane - three candidates, all with strong anti wind farm statements.

UKIP take 23% of votes in elections - strong anti wind farm policy.

Leader of Selby District Council says he does not want any more wind farms.

For many people it is a life long ambition to live in a small village or in the country. When the ambition is achieved the last thing they want is to have industrial wind turbines built around them. Politicians need to recognise the importance of the countryside and the feelings of the people who live there.

DECC ( Department of Energy and Climate Change) claim only 11% of people oppose on-shore wind. So what ? When less than 10% of people live in the country and polls are conducted in urban areas with no wind farms the result tells us nothing. Read more. Every wind farm generates a wave of disenchanted rural residents. Numbers grow with every new wind farm, the turbines provide a constant reminder.

People living in the country feel betrayed - Localism that isn’t. Local planners say no, then a Government appointed inspector overturns the decision. To compound the anger the developer claim costs for their legal team and expensive “experts”.    Enough is enough says East Yorks.

The developer will accept that the turbines will be a “dominant feature” in the landscape but argue that this is acceptable because it isn’t quite bad enough to render homes so bad that nobody would want to live there. Not a relative test you will be told, so changing a desirable tranquil rural location to a noisy wind farm neighbourhood is deemed acceptable. Read more in The Spectator.

Big society - Does it include bribes to your neighbours (living up to 5km away) to support a wind farm.

DECC propose to bribe communities in a bid to gain support for wind farms. Perhaps a new playground in the village 5km from the nearest turbine, but no compensation for those within 1km who may see 30% off their property value and suffer 40dB of turbine noise. Proposed community payment are no more than a partial refund ( 5% to 10%) of the over generous subsidy - paid via hidden surcharges for electricity.

Early reports of the proposal were met with scepticism Read more  and a predicted swing to UKIP.

Comments from around the UK - Did UKIP target wind farm constituencies?

Somerset - report from NV

John Everett,UKIP, polled 829 votes in the Somerset CC election in Huntspill coming second to the conservative candidate with 1100 votes. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time a UKIP representative has stood in this area and it is no coincidence that Ecotricity are appealing against a Sedgemoor District Council decision to refuse planning permission for a four turbine wind farm in the area. The final days of the appeal are due to start on 7th May. UKIP gained three seats in the Somerset Council having had none before and this is highly significant in a predominately rural and retirement area where most people's natural inclination is conservative (with a small "c").

Huntingdon - report from AA

The Conservative candidate in our ward said she was 'working for a fair deal for the communities affected by the (Woolley Hill) windfarm'. I emailed her to ask what she considered 'a fair deal' for such communities, and did not have the courtesy of a reply.

We are looking forward to the support of Simon Bywater in this area - one windfarm approved (Woolley Hill), one up for consideration before Huntingdonshire District Council (Molesworth) and one - the so-called 'Bicton' site (overlooking Kimbolton Castle), having been comprehensively refused by a Planning Inspector in 2012, now under threat again as Broadview has submitted a new planning application. Broadview's application is effectively the same site, just three turbines instead of four, and allegedly 'off the crest' of the ridge above Kimbolton (which is where HDC's policy says no turbines should be sited). But two of the turbines are in the same position as before! So the community has got to raise another £40-50k to fight off this application - again! No wonder UKIP was seriously supported in this area.

Northampton - report from PR

Without wishing to go into detail, I can absolutely assure you that the message has got across to the people that matter, that being the three, so called, main political parties. I was at the Northamptonshire count myself, and paid a lot of interest to exactly what the main parties were discussing, besides talking to some of them myself. They didn’t know what had hit them, but certainly they knew why it had.

Cambridgeshire - report from VV

Although our UKIP candidate did not specifically mention wind farms in his personal literature the UKIP general info certainly did and he apparently did raise it on the doorstep although I personally didn’t speak to him. I know many people who voted for Simon Bywater the Sawtry and Ellington UKIP candidate Huntingdonshire Cambs because of the windfarm issue including me and probably the majority of our committee. He ousted the Conservative candidate who hadn’t had the courtesy to respond to any letters sent to her over the last 3 years until 3 weeks ago when I received a 2 line email.

Lincolnshire - report from VS

Both our conservative and independent county council candidates (Hough ward, Lincs) highlighted being anti-wind farm in their flyers. The independent candidate won (overturning previous conservative majority, albeit new conservative candidate because previous one retired).

Hampshire - report from VW

As the final proof that wind farm issues affect votes - a good win for a Conservative Councillor against UKIP - Tom Thacker had been active in campaigning against a wind farm in the constituency and was rewarded with 49% of the votes.   The results are here - read the background in the Daily Telegraph.