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Spaldington River Valley planning appeal - 6x125 metre turbines           

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If you get one wind farm approved it will not be long before there is another one proposed close by.  

Just as this  enquiry was drawing to close we hear that Goole Fields wind farm is proposing to expand from 16 to 33 turbines.

Read the full report here

Previous news report

The other Spaldington wind farms

Spaldington Airfield wind farm with 5 turbines was approved in September 2011 after an appeal.

Spaldington Common wind farm with 7 turbines was refused.

Almost as soon as these decisions were made another wind farm proposal was being put together for 6 turbines just to the east of Spaldington Common on a site called River Valley.

This was the start of the River valley wind farm proposal. It has since been refused by East Yorkshire Council and is now the subject of a planning appeal.

The appeal started on 7 May 2014 and will be held in Goole Council offices.  

Further details about the Spaldington Common and Airfield wind farms here

If you value the countryside around where you live - beware of the wind farm.

 If you get one, it won’t be long before there is a proposal for another.



You can drop in and then leave again at any time during the day. There are lunch, coffee & tea breaks

             Wednesday May 7 10am – 5.30pm Introduction & Landscape Evidence

             Thursday May 8      9.30 am – 5.30pm Landscape Evidence

             Friday May 9          9.00 am – 9.45am David Davis MP

                              9.45am – 5pm Landscape evidence cross examination followed by Cultural Heritage

 Tuesday May 13     9.30am – 11.30am Spaldington Parish Council local witnesses

                                          1.30am – 3.45pm Cllr Victoria Aitken & Local people

                                          3.45pm – 5.30pm Ornithology and Noise

              Wed May 14          9.20am – 9.30am Local people

                                           9.30am – 5.30pm Planning Evidence

              Thursday May 15   No hearings - Inspector viewed the site.

              Friday May 16         9.30am – 4pm Conditions and Closing statements


Talking about conditions in no way implies that the wind farm will be approved it's a necessary part of the process to help the Inspector write conditions that would apply if the wind farm is allowed.

Venue: Goole Council Chambers, Church Street, Goole, DN14 5BE


There will be a site visit, probably on Tuesday 20 May and the Inspector may look around the area at other times


Thank you to everyone who has already sent a donation to Spaldington Parish Council to help fund the barrister and expert witnesses who will present our professional case at the Inquiry. I hope you came along to see them in action !


We are still raising funds. To make your donation or for further information, please contact:

Wendy McKay, Clerk to Spaldington Parish Council, Oak Tree Farm, Spaldington, Goole. DN14 7NQ


…… If you are there, it makes a difference -  says David Davis MP

 David Davis MP explains why you should attend the Public Inquiry to see how it is conducted and how much work is going into looking after the interests of the village and other parts of Yorkshire.

Update 17 May - No further hearings. Site visits during the week commencing 19 May.

Spaldington Parish Council would like to thank everyone who has come to the Inquiry in Goole, and particularly those who have spoken against the wind farm. There have been some excellent presentations from local residents, including David Davis MP and also Ward Cllr Victoria Aitken, supporting and complementing the Parish Council’s evidence.

Spaldington Parish Council’s professional team have presented a good solid case on our behalf and we are very pleased with how the Inquiry proceedings are going.   Issued by Wendy McKay