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Thornholme Fields - Refused

Thornholme Fields Wind farm appeal refused by Eric Pickles after Inspector Griffiths (AKA Inspector Blight ) recommended approval.


“Pickled” - Wind farms refused after being called in by Secretary of State, Eric Pickles - who took account of the harm on the locality.

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£237,000 / year subsidy per turbine

Recent Selby area single turbines proposals are for 500kw units up to 87 metres (285 feet) high. E.g. Lumby, Riccall, Wistow Lordship, Balne, Cliffe and Womersley.

Owners are paid for all power generated, even if it is all used by the owner.

Each 500 KW turbine will receive a subsidy of about £237K per year, increasing with inflation.  

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16 May 2014

Heslerton Wold wind farm plan axed

PLANS for ten 126m high wind turbines on the Yorkshire Wolds between Malton and Scarborough will not go ahead after the Secretary of State overturned a planning inspector's decision.

Permission for the wind farm - which has been the subject of a four year long planning wrangle - on Heslerton Wold was quashed in a decision by the Secretary of State.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles reviewed and then overturned a planning inspector's decision on RWE nPower's plans.

The decision document here      Developer : RWE npower

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has intervened to refuse planning permission for the 60m high turbine near Wistow Lordship. Click here.

30,000 turbines

£1BN per year subsidy

Opposition to single turbines is growing as the number of the increases rapidly.

According to the Telegraph there are 30,000 turbines in total - 4400 on wind farms and the rest as single turbines. The number of turbines grew by 13% last year. Many farm turbines are as high as those on wind farms built a few years ago - up to 100 metres high or higher.

The decision document

The  Secretary of State did not agree with his assessment about - landscape impact, heritage impact, cumulative impact, impact on local residents and whether 25 year is a long or short time.  

The table is turning against wind farms and single turbines in unsuitable locations. Griffiths said the 360 foot high turbines were OK and only there for 25 years – Pickles said you would be able to see the turbines for miles and 25 years was a long time. And in this case  Pickles made the final decision.

The refusal of two wind farms in Yorkshire is hopefully the first confirmation that we are going to stop wind farms developers from rampaging unchecked across our countryside when there is no longer a need.

With over 30,000 turbines in operation and thousands more approved but not yet built we have more turbines than we need, enough to exceed our 2020 targets for wind energy , so why build more. Why permit them close to homes, why destroy our landscape and why kill our wildlife. The wind industry have had a good run for their money, but we have reached the point where the cost is simply not acceptable.

Wind turbines receive over £2BN per year in subsidy - or about £33 per year from each of us. For that they have destroyed large parts of the countryside and still only produce 10% of our power - but only when there is a good wind blowing. No wind, no power.

It is good to see that Eric Pickles has recognised that the wind farm planning needs to take full account of the harm that wind farms do and make decisions accordingly. Hopefully these will be the first of many.

Other turbines refused - click image for link to the full report

Right decision slows spread of

creeping wind farm blight

Says letter from Gerry Smith who took part in the enquiry

Eric Pickles clamps down on onshore wind farm applications