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The realisation that planning was getting it wrong

"There was—how can I put it?—a disgraceful, vulgar, disrespectful, terrible, shameful, contemptible, detestable, dishonourable, disreputable, ignoble, mean, offensive, scandalous, shabby, shady, shocking, shoddy, unworthy, deplorable, awful, calamitous, dire, disastrous, distressing, dreadful, faulty, grim, horrifying, lamentable, lousy, mournful, pitiable, regrettable, reprehensible, rotten, sad, sickening, tragic, woeful, wretched, abhorrent, abominable, crass, despicable, inferior, odious, unworthy, atrocious, heinous, loathsome, revolting, scandalous, squalid, tawdry, cowardly, opprobrious, insulting, malevolent, scurrilous and basically stinkingly poor decision of the Planning Inspectorate to approve the Kelmarsh wind farm, which will devastate huge swathes of beautiful rural Northamptonshire."

Chris Heaton-Harris MP

Beverley wind farm protest march - 12 July 2014 “Enough is enough”

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An unusual protest march - for most people they had never been on a protest march before. This was families and people living across East Yorkshire and adjacent  parts of North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. They all shared a commitment to protect the countryside and the villages from industrial development on an unprecedented scale.  

Hard working families from rural villages where they care for the environment and the countryside around them. A well organised and well behaved march with a clear message for East Yorkshire planners     “Enough is Enough”

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“It seems the tide may have turned on wind turbines, and the growing anger, not just in the East Riding but mirrored around many parts of the country, may sound the death knell for large on shore developments.”

 Includes a good video report.  Our count was over 300 with lots of families.

The comments are interesting - those who believe the propaganda about bringing jobs to Hull are much in evidence.

When taking about the Siemens investment in the assembly factory they should remember that

1. An investment of £250M is negligible when compared with the cost of the imported turbines. The bill for the 1000 offshore turbines  will be over £5BN - a factory at £250M  is no big deal.

2. Onshore wind farms get over £1BN per year subsidy for producing intermittent power - which has to be backed up by other power stations.

The Right Honorable David Davis MP speaking at the “Enough is Enough” protest meeting

Picture gallery - Beverley march - “Enough is enough”

The official description of the area by planners -

“of no visual merit”

making it too easy for wind farm developers.

The landscape character assessment must be revised to provide a true description of the area.