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Cleek Hall - Additional Information

Wind farms are in addition to the power stations not instead of them

14  April - Letter sent out by Selby District Council Planning Department saying that additional information had been received.

Details of the crane hard standing on the river bank to offload the turbine sections.

Photo visualisations of how the wind farm will look from homes around the site.

While the letter said this related to the site boundary, the planning web-site included correspondence which said that additional photo- montages had also been received.  

The site boundary changes and other documentation confirm the details of the plan to bring the turbines to the site by barge. While this makes a lot of sense because it will avoid bringing the exceptional loads down winding country lanes it does not mean that the main construction traffic will avoid local roads . At Rusholme the problem was caused by lorries delivering crushed stone and concrete which was used for the roads and for the bases for the turbines. Several thousand lorry journey were required and it is expected that similar traffic will be generated on the roads to the Cleek Hall site. To find out more about construction phase see the Construction pages.

Diagrams in the additional information are all about a landing stage and base for a giant crane to lift the turbine components from a barge to a transported on site.

So while the use of barges is a good idea it is not the whole story. It is also worth saying that the objection is to the industrialisation of the countryside. It matters little how these industrial structures are delivered.

We have asked SDC to make the new photo montages available as part of this consultation. These are of material concern to people who have their homes close to the wind farm site.

Further information as it becomes available.

Comments on the additional information must be received by 12 May.

The wind farms are in addition to the power stations and not instead of them.

If you wish to comment you must do so by 12 May