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News - Onshore wind subsidies to be abolished. Local people to have the final say over wind farm decisions

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Feb 2016

Oak Tree Farm - application update

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1 Nov

Bishopwood appeal - withdrawn - Bishopwood saved

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28 Sept

Riccall turbine refused at appeal

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6 July

Are wind farms are making people ill? New report from INWG.

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2 July

600 noise complaints - 80% of people dislike turbine noise

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24 June

Amber Rudd announces subsidy cuts to on-shore wind

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18 June

Planning changes and subsidy cuts to deliver election promise

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11 June

Update - Government commitment to cut onshore subsidies

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17 June

Lumby appeal - latest news - Updated 17 June

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Bishopwood - shock at new proposal

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4 June

Almscliffe crag - Landscape vandalism

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4 June

Selby District summary report

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17 Feb

Another scam - bigger turbines via the back door - sneaky !

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14 Feb

Oak Tree farm 500kw  turbine- Another planning application

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14 Feb

The Feed in Frenzy and other news

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22 Jan 2015

Nigel Adams MP - Bill to abolish onshore wind subsidies

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22 Jan 2015

World news review - Recent press reports of problems

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5 Nov

Lumby Turbine - Appeal called in - Inappropriate dev in Green belt

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4 Nov

River valley wind farm refused after appeal. Called in by Eric Pickles

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4 August

More wind farms Pickled - read the decisions

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13 July

300 on Beverley protest march - video of  MP David Davis speech

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1 July

More wind farms "Pickled" - Video comment from  David Davis MP

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