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10 June 2011 - Wind farms - Proximity to Habitation Bill

This Bill is being presented by Mr Chris Heaton Harris and Nigel Adams is a co-sponsor for the Bill.

It proposes that local authorities should be able to decide upon minimum distances between homes and industrial wind turbines. The default distance if the authorities choose not to define a distance would be 10 x rotor diameter. This equates to 900 metres for current proposals in the Selby area.

At present the only rule which limits how close to a home a wind turbine can be built is the noise regulation. Turbines are getting bigger (185 metre turbines have been proposed in Wales) and are also being proposed closer to homes. A 185 metre / 2.5MW turbine could be proposed closer than 500 metres and still meet the only rule that currently applies - the present ( inadequate ) noise rule of ETSU 97.

Woodlane wind farm proposal has about 30 homes closer than 900 metres and even this distance affords insufficient protection. Noise complaints can arise at anything less than 2km, health considerations lead to a 2km recommended distance and in one accident in Germany involving blade failure some fragments were found at 1.3km. Lissett wind farm is causing noise complaint and has no home closer to a turbine than 900 metres.

The wind industry recommends that offshore turbines should be no closer than 5km because of their visual impact.

The reading of the Bill will take place in the House of Commons after 9.30am on Friday 10th June. The Bill is placed at item number four on the Commons Order Paper. See:

You can review the wording of this Private Members Bill at:

Lord Reay will simultaneously present the second reading of his Wind Turbines (Minimum Distances from Residential Premises) Bill to the House of Lords after 10.00am on the same day. This is placed at item number two on the House of Lords Order Paper.

You can review the wording of Lord Reay’s Private Members Bill at:

We trust that the simultaneous second reading of both Bills in the Commons and the ‘other place’ will foster a healthy debate on the issue of onshore Wind Farms and the pressing need to ensure that adverse impacts on local people are minimised.

To see what a turbine at 10 x rotor diameter distance from homes looks like click here.

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