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2 Sept 2010   Spaldington

Two wind farms at Spaldington have recently been rejected. Spaldington, is between Howden and Spalding on the Moor. These proposals were for 5 x 125 metre turbines on the former WW2 airfield and 7 on Spaldington Common. The wind farms would be only 2km apart with Spaldington between them. The planning officer thought that this was acceptable and that it was acceptable to put such large turbines as close as 530 metres from homes. He even said “It is not doubted that the amenities of the residents of these properties could be significantly impacted as a consequence of the dramatic change in outlook at such a distances.”
The officer considered rotating 90metre blades seen in both directions as close as 530metres would not be persistently intrusive or disturbing. His recommendation was acceptance once arrangements had been made to secure the funds to dismantle the wind farm in 25 years time.
The Planning Committee thought otherwise and decided to reject the application.

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