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4 Feb 2011 - Woodlane planning application facing difficulties

Whenever you see a letter headed "Without Prejudice" you know that things are not running smoothly. To see an example of such a letter you are referred to the letter sent by Adams Hendry, acting for Selby District Council to Prowind - to read it yourself see

While the letter tells us little that we didn't already know about the major objections to the planning application it does set the context for us.

The letter is dated 4 February and gives Prowind 14 days to advise Selby District Council if they wish to proceed with the planning application as currently submitted. In which case " there remain unresolved outstanding objections".

The alternative is for Prowind to withdraw the present application and to then submit another full application which may have a different number of turbines. The letter does not make it clear if this would be more turbines or fewer but we believe that in the light of the objections made it is much more likely to be fewer turbines.

In the context of our objection to them it doesn't really matter how many turbines are proposed - we don't want any because their size is so out of scale with the flat open landscape.

Please do not reach the conclusion that this could be the end of the application - it would only be the end of the second stage.

If the application were to run the full course it could be as long as 10 years from first hearing about the proposal to a final decision. We are in this for the long haul.