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29 March 2011 - StopWoodlanewindfarm launch new web site


The Stop Woodlane Windfarm Action Group today launched their new website which is designed to raise awareness of the number of wind farms being proposed in the Selby Area and of the impact that they would have on the lives of people living there.  The web site has over 200 pages of information about 22 wind farms and includes videos, aerial photographs, maps and diagrams.    


Dr Howard Ferguson, Chairman of the Stop Woodlane Windfarm Action Group and leading anti-wind farm campaigner in the area said: “The launch of our new web-site brings a step change in the quality of information available and will raise awareness of the proposed despoiling of our villages and local countryside."  

Over the past two years we have researched wind farm technology and the local proposals thoroughly and need to let the residents know that there is a significant danger that in the next few years this area could sleepwalk its way to the erection of over 200 giant wind turbines (of approx 400ft or more high) stretching across nearly 40km of countryside around Selby.  In the view of a great many residents the technical, economic and environmental arguments put forward in support of the proposals lack credibility and in no way compensate for the transformation of the open landscape to one dominated by turbines stretching for many miles. The loss to the area will be of our landscape, heritage, wildlife, house values and possibly even our health.

Our new, easy to use web-site is designed to give local residents the facts that the wind industry do not divulge.  It provides the latest news about the many wind farm proposals in the area; gives detailed information about the Woodlane proposal and our objections to it; it offers useful information for those who are new to the subject and want to learn more, as well as providing in depth information for those wanting to get a fuller understanding.

In Selby and surrounding area there are 20 existing and proposed wind farms, with around 220 proposed industrial wind turbines. 118 turbines are already approved but only 22 of them have so far been built.  There are a further 34 turbines (including the 14 proposed for the Woodlane site) currently awaiting decision, 17 under appeal and a further 48 being scoped.

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