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The Objections

The big picture

Cumulative Impact

Woodlane is just one of 20 or more wind farms with over 200 wind turbines being proposed near Selby. Taken together they will totally change the character of the area. See our maps and charts.

Impact on people

Proximity to homes

Property values reduced

Turbine noise

Health risks

Shadow flicker

Environmental impact

Cultural Heritage

Green belt

Landscape and visual

Wildlife and Ecology

Economic Impact

Wind farms depend on subsidy

Higher electricity costs

No permanent local jobs

Reduces appeal of the area

Adverse impact on agriculture


Heavy traffic on rural roads

Carbon footprint

Flood risk

Minimal benefit

Low CO2 savings

Better ways to save CO2

Objections to the proposed wind farm

Proximity to homes

Too many homes ,

too close to  

too many turbines.

Noise  from turbines

- 4 village communities with predicted noise of up to 40dB.

The sound in the background

is a recording from one turbine.

Construction disruption

Dust, noise and pollution from 10 thousand or more heavy lorries on country roads.

Cultural Heritage

Spoil our few remaining and highly valued Historic villages

Turbines will dominate the open landscape

So many and so large that they will dwarf the power stations.

The power stations are here to stay - turbines would be extra.

Property values reduced.

“The dream of environmentally friendly energy has turned into highly subsidised destruction of the countryside."

Germany's influential magazine Der Spiegel

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Also see out objections concerning Health, Green Belt, Public Safety,

Local Wildlife and Economic benefit.

There are much better ways to reduce CO2 emissions.

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