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Other wind farms  - 224 turbines stretching  50 km from Pontefract to  Selby and beyond Goole.

224 industrial turbines (85 metres or more) Operational, approved or planned -  August 2012.

44 turbines already operational and another 90 have already been approved.    Total 134 turbines.

Plus 5 subject to appeal and another 46 turbines at 4 wind farms yet to be decided.

Followed by 39 turbines in the scoping stage prior to a planning application.  

Other wind farms outside Selby District which are of interest are:-

Lissett - near to Bridlington. It has 125metre turbines ( Rusholme are only 100metres). Similar in scale to Woodlane and close enough for Selby residents to visit. Has caused noise problems.

Knabs Ridge - Harrogate  - Smaller turbines than proposed around Selby. Further from homes. Has caused noise problems.

This excludes 30  turbines up to 90 metres which have been approved in Selby District for installation on farms as individual units.  The largest pylons are only 60 metres high.

Wind farm list

Planning decision pending

Woodlane      Darrington Q  

Spaldington River Valley

Appeal stage



Rusholme   Loftsome Bridge  

Tween Bridge  Bagmoor Sixpenny Wood     Sober Hill

Approved, not yet built

Hook Moor        Twin Rivers

Spaldington Airfield

          Cleek hall

           Keadby     Goole Fields 1   

 Applications /  planned

Byram          Goole Fields 2  Stubbs Bridge     Hensall Norton               Winterton

Rejected or withdrawn

      Aire & Calder

Darrington Westfield Lane

Spaldington Common