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Reference information

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River valley Wind Farm - Near Spaldington refused at appeal

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Spaldington wins two year battle against 6 x 128 metre turbine wind farm - Parish Council delighted with the decision announced on 15 October.  Key words from the decision :-

However, he ( The Secretary of State, Eric Pickles) shares the Inspector’s view (IR239) that the cumulative effects of the appeal proposal along with existing and consented turbines are particularly important in this case with respect to the likely impact on the character and appearance of the area and on heritage assets. The Secretary of State gives considerable importance and weight to the desirability of preserving the setting of the listed buildings and, like the Inspector, he considers that the harm arising in this respect weighs significantly against the proposal (IR239). The Secretary of State has weighed these matters very carefully and, in common with the Inspector, he concludes that the public benefits of generating electricity from a renewable source would not outweigh the harm to the character and appearance of the area, to the local amenity of the area, and to listed buildings.

 An all round excellent result and everybody involved should be congratulated.

Read a full report of the appeal here

While River Valley was refused -  The maps above show how many others are proposed

Approved - Spaldington Airfield - 5 turbines of 125 metres - approved after and appeal in 2011

Refused - Spaldington Common - original 7 turbine proposal marked by turbine symbols on map

Application refused  - Spaldington Common - 2 turbine application as shown - Appeal declared invalid

Plus three single turbines over 67metres on the map and another 15 within 6 miles

Comment from David Davis MP

This Government has ensured that far more weight in the Appeal’s process is now being given to local opinion and the valid objections of local people. Fighting appeals is no longer a futile exercise or waste of money; it is vital to protect people’s lives, their homes, the countryside in which they chose to live.

David Davis MP - spoke against the wind farm at the Planning Inquiry.

In the first video he explains the changes to the way the planning balance is  decided for wind farms.

David Davis MP - discusses subsidise and puts the key questions to ask in the run up to the next general election.

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