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Heritage - Impact on open landscape and the villages

“Turbines are getting so big and overpowering as to be outrageous in any rural context. Their impacts on the landscapes and lives of people is totally disproportionate to the minuscule contribution they make in providing renewable energy and the pitiful savings they offer in CO2 reductions”.

Peter Ogden, Council for the Preservation of Rural Wales, Western Mail, 5 Dec., 2006

How would the proposed turbines change the visual impression of the area?

The wind turbines are extra to the power stations. Ferrybridge, Eggborough and Drax will still be needed.

The turbines will fill in the countryside between the power stations, creating a single, extensive industrial complex. Woodlane extends for nearly 3km or 30% of the open countryside between Eggborough and Ferrybridge.

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Gateforth and its history.

Birkin and its history.

Predicted  aerial view of Birkin with the turbines.