Wind farms - a bad deal for residents

Residents take all the pain - the developer takes all the gain.

The losers - local residents

14 Industrial structures dominating the area.

Desirable residential area made undesirable.

House values can drop by 20% or more.

Risk of noise problems, especially at night.

Risk to health - Wind turbine syndrome.

Rural landscape destroyed.

Construction traffic - disruption & noise.

Wildlife and bird habitat damaged.

Countryside amenity jeopardised.

Higher price for electricity.

No extra permanent local jobs.

Shadow flicker, especially in winter.

No reward for local residents.

No compensation for losses.

The winners - the developers

& the land owners

Approx £1M profit per turbine over its life.

Between £10k and £20k per annum per turbine for landowners.

All paid for by us via extra electricity charges.

Resale market for established wind farms, developers can cash in when they choose.

......  the developer is likely to call local residents who oppose it as nimby.

...... it is not unreasonable for residents to
describe developers as greedy.

...... the wind farm owner doesn't have to live
with the turbines.

     But we do. And we don’t want a wind farm.