125 m turbines -

              Our logo explained

It is difficult to comprehend the size of a modern turbine.

The logo is a scale drawing

Turbines are 80 m to the top of the mast.

Rotors are 45m long , and sweep a 90m diameter.

The local pylons are at most 60m, most are only 50m high.

The west tower of York Minster in our logo is 56m high.

Most homes are only 8 m high. The one on our logo is 10m.

Loftsome Bridge turbines are 90m high.

The Rusholme turbines are 100m high.

Lissett turbines are 125 metres

Turbines proposed for Woodlane are 125m  - 0r 25% higher than Rusholme.

The proposed Woodlane turbines are 125m high (410 feet).

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