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Woodlane Wind Farm.

To ensure that the turbines are drawn to scale and in the right position we used reference points to give us height and position. This imposed restrictions on the locations we could use and required some interpolation but we believe that the pictures are reasonably accurate and show a good representation of what the wind farm might look like. The reference points we used for height were either the test mast, which the developers told us was 80 metres high, or one of the pylons for which we have used a height of 60 metres. Some pylons are smaller, in which case the turbines on some of our computer images should be larger than shown. If you think that any of the photomontages are inaccurate in any way please let us know.

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1. Roe Lane and Hillam Common Lane Junction


3. Near West Haddlesey

4. Birkin

5. Beal Bridge

2. Gateforth

3. Near to West Haddlesey

4. Birkin

5.Beal Bridge