If you want to show that house prices are not affected by a wind farm nearby you stand a good chance of achieving your objective if you study prices of homes 12 km away. You may even be lucky and be able to prove that if anything the homes 12 km away from a wind farm increased in value at better than the rate for the rest of the region. But it says nothing about homes which will be within 1 or 2 km of  the wind farm or for homes which will have as many as 10 x 125 metre high turbines within 1 mile of them.

Our interactive map shows where the homes in the Crystal Rig study are relative to that wind farm and how this compares with Woodlane.

The map shows where the Crystal Rig wind farm site is relative to Dunbar where the house prices were studied. Dunbar is a town with a population of 7700 ( 2006 estimate), in the study it was described as a village for some unknown reason - maybe it spins better. Selby had a population of about 76,000 in 2001 and is closer.

The clear conclusion is that Crystal Rig is remote from housing and Woodlane is surrounded by housing, with many homes closer than 1 km to at least one turbine.

Crystal Rig when it started operation in 2003 was 25 turbines.

In 2005 they were given approval for another 60 turbines.

Crystal Rig - A study of house prices 12 km away from a wind farm.

Once a wind farm is built it is very likely to be extended with more turbines.

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