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Government gets tough on protecting Green Belt

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Lumby wind turbine - Appeal called in by Eric Pickles following request by Nigel Adams MP

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Nigel Adams MP with an EWT500 turbine of the type proposed near Lumby.

“ I have been very impressed with the quality of work done by the village in putting their evidence to the Planning Inspectorate. The location is in Green Belt and this is just one of the strong reasons why Selby Council refused this application. This Government attaches great importance to the protection of the Green Belt. I am pleased that the Appeal has been recovered and that the final decision will reflect current planning policies”

Summary of the application and its history

Local residents putting up a strong case against the proposed Lumby turbine

The 87 metre turbine proposed near to Lumby is one of nearly 50 turbines so far proposed in Selby District. At first single turbines proposals saw little opposition but as the number  have grown and they have increased in size from 25 metres a few years ago to nearly 100 metres today local residents are now saying “Enough is enough”. The proposed Lumby turbine is 87metre high, close to the village, in a prominent position in Green Belt and only about 110 metres from the A63 between Leeds to Selby.

The application was refused by Selby District planners and the applicant has appealed, in-spite of the sound reasons for refusal by local planners. A puzzling feature of this appeal is that it is being made by a haulage company from Newark and not by the farmer on whose land the turbine would be sited. The applicant already has  one of these turbines at Tuxford near Newark - G01980NWEN

The appeal was ‘called in’ by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) after Nigel Adams MP wrote to ministers expressing concern about the prominent location in Green Belt.

Nigel Adams MP , said “ While we have major power generating infrastructure in Selby District including Drax and Eggborough power stations, most of the district is rural with long distance open views. People are very proud of living in small village communities and are very protective of the environment around them. I am delighted that this appeal has been recovered because it gives me confidence that full consideration will be given to the impact that a structure of this size would have on the Green Belt. ”

The local residents have worked very hard on opposing this turbine and have employed Cunnane Planning consultants to explain, in planning terms,  the reason why the appeal should be refused.

EWT 500 with Drax

It would require 20,000 turbines of this size to generate the same average amount of electricity as Drax.

Drax generates when required and turbines only when the wind blows - so turbines cannot meet demand in the same way.

If a farm turbine of this size feeds half the power into the grid and uses the rest the average price of power fed into the grid will be £344.10 per MWHr -  over 6 times as much as Drax gets for the same amount. The consumer pays for it via higher electricity prices.

Wind turbines drive more people into fuel poverty

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