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The feed in frenzy- turbine subsidies are out of control

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Shortly after Nigel Adams presented his 10 Minute rule bill calling for the abolition of onshore subsidies a paper was published which exposed the full extent of a subsidy scam that

pays more subsidy by getting turbines to produce less.

It was called the - Feed in Frenzy, because the scheme that is being exploited is the the “Feed in Tariff” system.

Here’s how it works - A turbine rated under 500kw gets 14.82 p per unit of power generated. As soon as it goes over a 500kW rating the turbine only gets 8.04p. This means that the best size of turbine is one rated at no more than 500kW. But a 900kW trubine is much bigger and is also more effective. The result is that turbines are being governed back to 500kW so that they get more subsidy.

The consequences of this are

a. More turbines are being put up than required for the level of energy produced.

b. The turbines going up are larger than necessary for the power rating.

c. Higher cost to consumers - Each turbine subsidy is getting more subsidy than it would if it had not been modified to produce a maximum of 500kw. If averaged across Selby District the subsidy per turbine is equivalent to £3 per year per person in the district.  

d. Owner paid more to generate less from the turbine by limiting output.

e. Once the turbines go up the incentive will be to put up other buildings to use the power

The subsidy system is out of control and is not sustainable. Hence the 10 minute rule bill put forward by Nigel Adams. If the subsidy cost was recovered in Selby District  with 500 such turbines as envisaged by documents referenced by the Local Plan the subsidy cost would be equivalent to £1500 per year per person, this is what happens when Green subsidies are allowed get out of control. The subsidies must be stopped.


Feed in Frenzy

Download the full report

Click here assets medi...d-in-frenzy_Feb2015.pdf

Votes to keep wind turbine subsidies - by Party

Anderson, Mr David

Bayley, Sir Hugh

Blomfield, Paul

Brooke, rh Annette

Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm

Burstow, rh Paul

Campbell, Mr Gregory


Campbell, Mr Ronnie

Caton, Martin

Clark, Katy

Corbyn, Jeremy

Crausby, Mr David

Crockart, Mike

Davies, Geraint

Donaldson, rh Mr Jeffrey M. DUP

Doran, Mr Frank

Durkan, Mark


Esterson, Bill

Farron, Tim

George, Andrew

Hames, Duncan

Hanson, rh Mr David

Hemming, John

Hepburn, Mr Stephen

Hillier, Meg

Hopkins, Kelvin

Horwood, Martin

Hunter, Mark

Huppert, Dr Julian

Jones, Helen

Lazarowicz, Mark

Long, Naomi


Lucas, Caroline

Lucas, Ian

McCrea, Dr William


McDonald, Andy

McDonnell, John

Meale, Sir Alan

Offord, Dr Matthew

Reid, Mr Alan

Ritchie, Ms Margaret


Robertson, Mr Laurence

Roy, Mr Frank

Ruane, Chris

Ruddock, rh Dame Joan

Russell, Sir Bob

Sanders, Mr Adrian

Shannon, Jim


Skinner, Mr Dennis

Smith, Sir Robert

Stunell, rh Sir Andrew

Swales, Ian

Turner, Karl

Walley, Joan

Weir, Mr Mike


Whiteford, Dr Eilidh


Willott, rh Jenny