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Oak Tree Farm - Turbine planning application

77.9 m high - 500kw turbine at Oak Tree Farm , Selby Common

Reference 2014/1307/FUL

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The proposed turbine  has 500kw generating capacity and is 77.9 metres to blade tip. While the type is not confirmed the noise data supplied is for an EWT turbine of the same size and type as the one near Selby bypass and near to Stapleton / Cridling Stubbs. The turbine near Birkin which can be seen from the A63 near Monk Fryston is the same model but on a shorter column making it only 67metres high.

Application details

Reference 2014/1307/FUL

For the erection, 25 year operation and subsequent decommissioning of a wind turbine measuring 77.9 m to blade tip.

Oak Tree Farm Selby Common Selby YO8 3RE

To object - Online

Go to the SDC website for this application

Website link to the application.

Then click on the Comment tab. You can then register to add comments or log-in if you have previously registered. Add your comments on the form.

This option will close on 16 Feb, but after that you can still send an e-mail. See separate instructions on this web page.  

A turbine like that proposed at Oak Tree farm.

The EWT Turbine near Selby by-pass with Drax behind. It would take over 20,000 turbines of this size to produce the same average power as Drax.

Even then some of the power would be produced at times when there is low demand  


Turbines produce no power when there is no wind

So it would never be feasible to use wind turbines to replace Drax, even if there were many more than 20,000 turbines of this size.


The proposed turbine is about 455 metres from the nearest road - see map below. The nearest property is the farm itself.

For comparison the turbine near Selby is over 1.5km from the by-pass. The turbine near Birkin is 1km away from the road into Birkin and over 1km from Hillam Common Lane.

The main impact of the Oak Tree Farm turbine would be visual impact causing harm to the landscape and amenity value of the area.

The map also shows the 7 x 2.5MW turbines of the proposed Bishopwood wind farm. The refused turbine at Wistow, the appealed Riccall turbine - also 500kw models.

How to object by e-mail

Send you objection by e-mail to

Make sure that you include the application ref number and say that you object, then set out your grounds for objecting.

Objections can be short and it is important that they are expressed in your own words.

Example text from other objections

It is important that you write your own objection.

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Ref documents if you need them

Selby Core strategy and policies


Oak Tree Farm looking North