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Too many turbines, Too close to Too many homes.

The Planning rules

In England there is no distance-based rule about how close to a home a wind turbine over 400 feet high can be built.

How close is too close?

Have look by selecting the distance to look at.

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5km - Closest distance for offshore wind farms - Woodlane has 16 villages closer than this.

2km - Closest distance recommended for on shore. Three complete villages

1 mile - Recommended on Medical grounds as the closest distance for one turbine - one home has ten within a mile.

10 rotor dia ( 900 m) minimum in N ireland - Woodlane has 30 homes closer.

Compare Woodlane with Lissett - no homes are closer than 900 m

500 metres - how close the developers would like their turbines to maximise profits

There should be a minimum distance of 2km on health, visual and noise grounds - See key Issues