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Who might be affected by shadow flicker?

Shadow flicker - another symptom of having turbines too close to homes.

If shadow flicker was the only problem caused by turbines it would probably no t be too bad. But shadow flicker is just one of several problems that arise when turbines are too close to homes.

Our scene is a pleasant summer evening, relaxing in the garden. The turbines are a visual intrusion but we turn the other way.

The noise can still be heard and grinds away thump, thump, thump.

So we go inside and as the sun goes down the flicker starts. It might not last for long but its there and adds to the misery of having the turbines so close.

A good nights sleep. Forget it if the wind gets up strong and you are downwind the turbines could drone on all night.

It is a basic human right that you should not have this inflicted upon you.

What is shadow flicker ?

Shadow flicker occurs when a wind turbine is close enough for your home to be in the shadow of the rotating blade. The effect can be very annoying. There are reports that some people who are susceptible have suffered epileptic fits.

While the flicker occurs outside the term is used to describe the effect inside the home when the sunlight through the window flickers and cause the flashing effect inside.

One wind farm operator says it isn’t a problem if you fit shutters to your windows.

The planning rules say the effect cuts off at 10 rotor diameters. This is not true, the effect gradually declines with distance but doe not cut off.

Shadow flicker is another symptom of having turbines too close to homes. The answer is that they should be further away. Turning off the offending turbines when they cast a shadow is not a satisfactory answer.

Who might be affected

The map ( from the planning application) shows the hours per year for which it will occur. The map assumes that shadow flicker stops at 10x rotor diameter, which it does not. Those areas that will be affected are :-

Gateforth - winter evenings

West Haddlesey - summer evenings

Birkin - summer around sunrise

Hillam Common Lane - winter around sunrise

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