Wildlife habitat

More countryside is being lost to wind farms than for to any other development. Once the countryside is industrialised it is gone. Building 6.5km of roads across open farmland (removal of 20,000 cu m of earth & replacing it with quarried stones) cannot be of benefit to wildlife. How much harm will it do?  

Nobody knows. We do know that loss of habitat drives extinction and that birds are frequent casualties on wind farms. It is only when problems are investigated properly that other problems are revealed. E.g a study of birds found a bigger problem with bats.  


The first reports of birds being killed in the USA by turbines started to appear in 1992. Each new turbine adds to the problem. A study of bird mortality in 2005 found that bats were suffering even higher casualties.


2005 - discovery that thousands of bats were being killed on one wind farm.

2008 - deaths found to be caused by an air pressure wave from the turbines.

2010 - death rate found to reduce if turbines are not run at low wind speeds. Why don’t wind farm operators increase their cut in speed and reduce bats deaths rates ?


The Wind Industry use pictures of cows grazing near to turbines to promote wind farms as co-existing with agriculture. So why are there reports of cattle and goats dying or being unwell after wind turbines arrive?

Woodlane wildlife impact.

The land is flat, low lying agricultural land. The most important features are the man made ditches and the remaining hedgerows which provide cover and habitat for wild life. There are no fences or barriers and wild life is free to roam. Many birds over winter in the area. Large flocks of migrating birds use the area  - see bird migration.

Any damage to hedgerows, drainage channels or the open access will have a detrimental effect. Pollution of drainage channels is of concern to kingfisher and other birds which use the drainage channels for feeding.

While the badger set identified by the applicant has since been bulldozed our major concern is now the bats. Bats can be seen every evening in summer when conditions are suitable. Click here to see video of bats hunting along one of the shallow drainage channels near to the site.

How many of our bats will the wind farm kill?

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